I Can’t Quit Birth Control

I’m a failure.

I was very excited to embark on the journey of quitting birth control. I was even more excited to learn my body and ridding it of the potentially harmful hormones.

It didn’t last a week. I hit a rough patch in my life. I felt like the world was crashing around me. I could not control my emotions. Like seriously. I was raging. My life during that time paralleled a Lifetime Movie breakdown. I cried for four days straight (I never cry), my blood pressure was sky high, and I simply could not calm tf down.

Later that week, I had a girl’s trip scheduled and I needed to get it together ASAPly. I swiftly went to the pharmacy and grabbed my birth control patches. I wasn’t 100% back to normal, but I was at least able to control my emotions and enjoy my time with my girlfriends. That weekend was much needed for me.

During my week hiatus from birth control I noticed a ton of changes with my body. I did embark on intermittent fasting and detox juices. Before my spiral into a slight depression, I felt amazing during the intermittent fasting and detox juicing. My sex drive was insane. I had never felt like that in my life. My bloating was next to nonexistent. I loss a few pounds and it seems as if it was all from my midsection. Yet, the looming fear of an accidental pregnancy remained. I began slacking on tracking my ovulation dates and symptoms. I also never began the temperature method to pinpoint my highest points of ovulation.

So, for simple peace of mind, I have opted to change my birth control from the patch to the pill. I believe a lot of the symptons that I have are associated with the patch and the crazy amount of estrogen in it. A typical birth control pill contains about 20-35 micrograms of estrogen, the birth control patch exposes me to 60% more estrogen than that.

Three Month Update

The birth control pill is amazing compared to the birth control patch! I have forgotten to take my pill a few times (I took it as soon as I remembered) which was one of my biggest fears. I cramp again. Ouch. The first time I experienced cramping since my birth control transition I freaked out. I had no idea what was happening.

The pros of birth control definitely outweigh the cons. Yes I’m more emotional (I cry watching Facebook videos now), I cramp, I have to remember to take the pill. Yet, my bloating is significantly better, my cycles did not change (become longer or more intense), and I’m at a lower risk for side effects associated with birth control.

At this point, I truly believe I need birth control for my sanity.

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