Job Hunting As A College Millennial : The Part No One Told You

After spending a little over a decade in my beloved college town, I decided it was time to spread my wings and grow. This college town is perfect for students, families, established individuals, and retirees. Yet, there are a limited number of advanced career opportunities for young professionals which results in a large number of graduates leaving the college town to pursue their careers. I, on the other hand, was determined to put down roots where I was comfortable and advance my career. Unfortunately, I realized I had maxed out my growth potential in my beloved college town.

I meticulously planned for a move to a bigger city. I began applying for jobs three months before the move. Decided to live out the real college millennial dream and crash with my parents until I found a full-time job and saved up some cash. Oh how excited and exhausted I was. I sold all of my furniture and downsized tremendously to fit into my parents’ place. After two weeks of moving my things (yes, I still have a bunch of crap), I began settling in. I took advantage of the first couple of weeks and relaxed. Went on a job interview for a position I was overtly excited about. I was so sure I snagged that position yet, I continued applying for more jobs at my leisure.

So far, I have applied for close to 100 jobs. Each position I have applied for has been a position that requires a baccalaureate, pays fairly well, and has potential for career advancement. Out of those 100, I’ve interviewed for three. Almost four months after beginning a job search, nothing. Absolutely no luck with job offers.

Of course I could apply for a position as a cashier. Believe me, I would if that’s what I went to school for. Yet, I am determined to snag a job in my career field with a larger company and finally be able to learn and grow within my field and move up the corporate ladder. And of course I am looking for a job that will pay what at least one of my degrees is worth. Isn’t that fair?

Four months in and I hit a breaking point. I am stressed, dabbling in depression, just miserable as a human being. I woke up one morning and checked my email, as I routinely did, for job offers. I received an email from a company that stated “Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us. After careful consideration, we have chosen another candidate that best suites our needs.” I lost it. I couldn’t control my tears, my emotions. This was the 1000th email I have received with this message. I thought to myself “Why doesn’t anybody want me?” My resume flawlessly displayed my loyalty to a company and ability to critically think. Is it my face?

As I sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast, my dad asks me “How we doing today?!” I started to cry uncontrollably and explained to my dad the distress I felt. He comforted my by rubbing my back and said something that will resonate with me for the rest of my life. My dad said “Girl, you don’t know rejection yet. Keep applying and keep knowing your worth. The job that you are supposed to have will come to you. Be patient.”

To my college millennials struggling to secure the job you know you deserve, keep fighting! Don’t ever underestimate your worth. Keep that resume flawless and a smile on your face! We didn’t ask to adult, yet here we are. We got this!

One thought on “Job Hunting As A College Millennial : The Part No One Told You

  1. Thank God for DAD! Yes know your worth and don’t settle. You have the most important thing you could possibly have, THAT IS THE LOVE AND SUPPORT Of FAMILY. It’s coming baby, just be ready! Love you much!


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