A Little Bit About Yoh’Yo.


Your typical adult having a mid-life, mid-life crisis. YohYo is totally at the point in her life where she looks around and goes “okay, what to conquer next?” She is a one post-grad student and has recently obtained a Masters of Science in Social Media Management. Eventually, she hopes to be able to generate at least 6 sources of incomes.

YohYo is a passionate individual. Her interests and hobbies include #SpiritualDevelopment #NaturalHair, #Traveling, #Health, #Beauty, and #TurningUP. She loves hanging out with her friends, family, and her awesome fur babies Bentley Bean and Foxanna Jo aka Foxxi.

She hopes her blogs, vlogs, and podcasts will relate to a plethora of individuals in different stages of life. Although she is an adult having a mid-life, mid-life crisis (she often wonders why she isn’t making six figures, isn’t married, doesn’t have children, and doesn’t own a six story house with four Ferraris), she believes she has a lot of helpful and interesting stories to tell. She aspires to inspire everyone to simply live their best possible life.

Gee, she even created a snippet video for a glimpse into her life.

Video wont load? Click Here

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Yoh’Yo.

  1. Mid life crisis ?
    You’re gorgeous. It’s upsetting that you aren’t getting treated with the respect you deserve.I also read the heartbreak hotel ( similar issues ) 😩
    I need someone to talk with !!


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