OMG! I’m Replacing Birth Control With the Fertility Awareness Method.


200w_d (2)

So, yesterday I became thoroughly frustrated with my body. I went hard working out last summer. I hit the gym at least 3x a week and ate right. Unfortunately, the following Fall I was forced to take a break from working out as I was working full-time and a full-time student. At the end of the fall semester, I had became a victim of the Freshman 15 again (I was a post-degree student). And because of the lack of free time in my schedule, I was a constant visitor of Chic-Fil-A and a local fast food catfish place called Murdock’s. After completing my studies and GRADUATING again (whoop whoop!), packing on an extra fifteen pounds was more than enough motivation to get back serious about the gym and eating right. I have been working out avidly since December.

I’ve been going hard! Eating good foods, basically eliminating my fast food intake, and sometimes working out twice a day. My eating habits aren’t terrible, I eat a largely vegetarian diet (complete with MorningStar Farms vegetarian products) with chicken and fish as my meats of choice. I’m more of a weight lifter so I knew not to expect weight loss. I knew that my body would look leaner, but I will probably weigh around the same. Which I am completely fine with. I love my current weight, I love my butt, I love my curves. I don’t want to be the bean pole like I was back in high school. I just can’t get jiggy with this midsection of mine.

Last week I skipped out on working out for a week. We had a couple of snow falls and I was sick one day. Before I knew it, I had zero energy. None. Ziltch. Oh my goodness and I craved some fried catfish this past weekend. I ate it Friday. I ate it again Saturday. And then I ate Popeyes Sunday. FML.

I was actually okay with the skipping workouts this past week. I was seeing results from my workouts. I’ve been lifting weights so I knew my fitness wouldn’t just disappear. I got some rest and some cravings out of the way. I was chillin’.

Well my body BLEW UP. I bloated like non other.

giphy-downsized (1)
Actual Footage of me bloating

I did not realize how bloated I was until I went to workout Monday evening. GEEH-ZUS. My workout waist trainer had to be adjusted. I had the little rolls on my back after putting the waist trainer on. Like dude really? I was only out for a week*eye roll* Oh and lets not mention this pooch and lower back fat that I just cannot get rid of. I can minimize it but it never disappears.

It dawned on me. It was my BIRTH CONTROL to blame for this insane bloating and persistent mid section weight gain. I have been an avid user of BC for about 9 years, since the age of 18. I took myself to the health clinic and signed up for BC. In no way was I ready for kids, and I’m still not.

Aside from the crazy bloating and hard to get rid of pooch, there is a long list of side effects for Birth Control which include: blood clots, low sex drive, mood swings, yeast infections, and dizziness. Just to name a few. In so many words, it’s really not a good idea to control your hormones with medications but I mean if it keeps me from having a kid IDC, IDC. 

giphy (9)

I utilize the BC patch which has been a lifesaver over the years (I mean I don’t have any children and I haven’t been pregnant before). I swear by it. Which is also why I’m deathly afraid of foregoing BC and replacing it with the Fertility Awareness Method also known as Natural Family Planning. I am in a committed relationship but as I’ve said before, I am not ready to have any children.

This is my last week on my BC patch then I will begin the Fertility Awareness Method journey. For those of you who don’t know what Fertility Awareness Method is, it is all about you learning your menstrual cycle and when you’re the most and the least fertile. There’s a certain point in your cycle when you are very fertile and most likely to become pregnant if you have unprotected sex. There are three different kinds of Fertility Awareness MethodsThe Temperature Method, The Calendar Method, The Cervical Mucus Method. I will be using a combination of all three to increase the likelihood of its accuracy. If used properly, the chances of effectiveness is 96.9%. Comparable to the effectiveness for traditional BC.

I’m super excited tho! Not only will I finally lose this stupid weight and stop bloating like a damn puffer-fish, I will also be foregoing the crazy side effects of BC. I’m a victim of almost every single side effect listed for BC. These mood swings are def FOR THE BIRDS. The less chemicals in my body, the better!

giphy (10)
Mood AF.

As I type this, I’m becoming a little emotional about being able to become one with my uterus. Maybe it’s the BC making my hormones go crazy. Seriously, two seconds ago I was angry about my bloating and now I feel a pressure behind my eyes to cry. Whoa. I will be sure to keep you guys updated on my journey! Now, let us all bow our heads in prayer.

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