New Year,New Me

The new year is quickly approaching in the horizon. You’ve felt that you haven’t achieved anything from your last year’s New Year’s resolutions. You promised to work out, you promised to eat out less, you promised to budget your money better. But here you are again, setting the same resolutions for the upcoming New Year. Repeating the same thing everyone says, every year. “New Year, New ME!”

But wait, bettering yourself in any aspect should not dependent on a day out of the entire year. Especially the LAST day of the year. Bettering yourself is a year-long task. You’re not going to stop those bad money habits overnight. Nor are you going to miraculously wake up and take on the gym first thing January 1st.

Instead utilize the New Year as the beginning of your self-changing journey. Use your “New Year, New Me” attitude to instill some values into yourself. Instead of storing all of those New Year’s resolutions in your mind, put them down on paper. Put those goals on a realistic timeline.

Let’s say you want to lose twenty pounds. A realistic goal for that, depending on how active you currently are, is about 6 months. Purchase a planner from Walmart and write down goals such as: work out three times a week for two weeks; meal prep two weeks in a row; drink at least 4 bottles of water a day for two weeks. Very realistic, achievable goals. Each day that you achieve that goal put a check-mark next to it. That check-mark symbolizes success!

After those two weeks pass, begin adding more goals. Such as “start saving for vaca” or “further education”. For each goal that you write down, write out a supporting plan. By writing down your goals, you are consciously changing yourself and the way that you think. Keep this up throughout the year and it will eventually become habitual. In addition, when you feel yourself slippin’ or you want to add more goals grab your planner and get to writing.

Now, when New Years 2019 roll around you will not be the same person you were New Years 2018. You have set out some goals and instead of talking about it “New Year, New ME!” you were about it. Keep setting those goals and achieving them. It’s okay to proclaim your new self for the New Year, but you must also be that new person you proclaimed to be!

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