Let Those Damaged Ends Go, Girl.

I figured it out.

I figured out why I have been having such T E R R I B L E hair days.

My hair has been insanely unruly the past few months. I told you guys about my latest breakdown read about it here. And more recently I tried to blend my hair with a wig for a night out during my college’s homecoming. EPIC FAIL. 

That night I decided ENOUGH. I am going to cut all of this sh*t off. I was truly considering the “Amber Rose” but the boyfriend didn’t like that idea.

So, instead, I chopped all of my damaged, colored ends from my hair. What a huge difference it made! My hair feels a million times better. It has become a little less unruly (it’s still natural 4B hair). And my tight curls are poppinnn.

To all of you ladies out there choosing length over healthy hair (as I did) just let it go! Your hair will thank you! You will thank yourself!

For all of you DIYers out there, here’s the video of how I cut my own hair!


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