Amber Rose: The Attentionist.

Ladies and gentleman, Amber Rose has done it again.

Amber Rose has been in the limelight multiple times within the past few months for speaking (or showing us) what’s on her mind. But this time, it was different. This time, her motive was clear. And it did not resound well throughout the community.

Amber Rose sat down for a two and a half hour interview on an episode of “Drink Champs” podcast. During this time, she spoke of many different topics: from her (a little odd) relationship, to her organization, to growing up in Philadelphia. And then this happened..

Amber said, “…but a lot of the people where I’m from aren’t traditionally attractive people.”

She said what now?

200w_d (1)

In a previous blog , “Is Amber Rose a Feminist or an Attentionist?” I somewhat defended Amber Rose, giving her the benefit of the doubt. I praised her for her organization “The Amber Rose Slut Walk”, and also agreed that her then-current stunt of showing us how she really feels brought mass attention to the topic of feminism. Bravo.

But Amber, girl, this here is straight up attentionism topped with a dash of hypocrisy.

Weeks after the interview aired and after receiving backlash from her statements, she finally took to IG/Snapchat to apologize for her words. Essentially saying that she did not mean to offend anyone. Then proceeded to blame the length of the interview. Amber cannot say “And to grow up in such a area and be blessed with beauty, it was very difficult for me…” and then say she meant it a different way.

She said what she said.


I almost gave Amber Rose the benefit of the doubt, yet she continued boosting her ego. Amber cannot be a feminist and then simultaneously insult women, especially from her own community. Her organization “The Amber Rose Slut Walk” is all about embracing the beauty of one another.  She literally went against her own motto…that she created.

Amber Rose did highlight an issue still relevant in the black community til this day. The black community suffers from colorism. If you are light-skinned person you are seen as more attractive than a dark-skinned person. Also, “mixed” people are almost always deemed more desirable than “black” people.

When TMZ asked her about her statements, she said “I never said anyone was ugly. I’m so frustrated.”

No, you never said anyone was ugly. But you basically put yourself on a pedestal above everyone else from Philadelphia.

Amber Rose’s harsh words prompted a collective clap back from Black Twitter, other social media socialites, and the underrated Torrei Hart. Watch Torrei’s Clapback Here

Torrei did not hold anything back when she came to the defense of her fellow Philadelphia women. At one point saying “She forgot that men going to tell you whatever they need to tell you to get into the drawers.”


giphy (1)


No one has the right to (nor is anyone trying to) take away Amber Rose’s achievements, but she has officially made herself a double edged sword. One month, she’s displaying her thoughts and “defending feminism” and the next month she’s tearing down women from her own community.

C’mon Amber, girl. Not a good look for you or your foundation.

giphy (3)


Yeah, you said it. And unfortunately, you meant. You made the women of Philadelphia jump to their own defenses. But what you said, lets me know that you Amber Rose are about 71% attentionist and 29% feminist.

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